Chair of the Program and Center

André Lamontagne is the Chair of the International Canadian Studies Centre and the Program in Canadian Studies as well as a Professor of French in the Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies at the University of British Columbia. He is also the Director and a founding member of the Centre de la francophonie de UBC.

He joined UBC in 1989 after completing a doctoral thesis on the poetics of intertextuality in the works of Hubert Aquin and Jorge Luis Borges. He has published two essays on Quebecois literature (Les mots des autres, 1992; Le roman québécois contemporain, 2004). In the field of Canadian Studies, he has edited two books (« La littérature québécoise sous le regard de l’Autre », Voix et images; « Anglo/Francophone Writing », Canadian Literature, with Réjean Beaudoin) and the Bibliographie de la critique de la littérature québécoise au Canada anglais (1939-1989) with Réjean Beaudoin and Annette Hayward. As a creative writer, he is the author of a collection of short stories (Le tribunal parallèle, 2006) and of two novels (Les fossoyeurs, 2010; Les escaliers, 2015). His current research project focuses on heterodox representations of Quebec City in 19th-21st century literature from Quebec.