Canadian Studies Program

Canadian Studies offers you wide choice while allowing for focused study.

Canadian Studies offers you an interdisciplinary Majors program leading to the B.A. degree. It allows you to select from approximately 100 courses in the area of Canadian Studies—from Political Science to Anthropology to Film to Women’s Studies—taught by more than 90 professors from departments throughout the Faculty of Arts.

Canadian Studies also offers you a Minor concentration, which offers an interdisciplinary complement to many Majors and Honours programs within the Faculty.

This interdisciplinary program is perfect for students interested in pursuing studies in law, journalism, government, cultural sectors, and many other fields. That the program is a bit complicated to navigate is in fact one of its hidden strengths. It ensures that each program is fitted to the individual student’s needs and interests. In consultation with the program chair, each student crafts his/her own degree. It is one of the most flexible degrees offered at UBC.

The Canadian Studies Major program provides an opportunity for contact with the way disciplines in the humanities and social sciences have shaped understanding of Canada. Students in the program will be required to take courses in three of five areas: culture, geography, history, politics and economics, and society. In their third year they will enrol in CDST 350. In their fourth year they will enrol in CDST 450, the Senior Seminar in Canadian Studies, to be taught by the distinguished Canadianist holding the Brenda and David McLean Chair in Canadian Studies.

It is easy to become a Canadian Studies student!

Simply declare the program on the SSC when you have 3rd year standing. We advise that you consult the Canadian Studies advisor to go over your options for the program in advance of declaration. For enquiries, email the chair of the program, Michel Ducharme, at michel.ducharme(at)