The SEED: The UBC Undergraduate Journal of Canadian Studies

The Seed is UBC’s undergraduate journal of Canadian Studies. It publishes articles in English or French from all fields of study, as long as the subject matter is related to Canada or Canadian issues, as well as artwork and creative writing.


The SEED is published by the UBC Canadian Studies Student Association. Previous issues have been supported by the UBC Alma Mater Society Innovative Projects Fund and the UBC Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund.

Volume 15 (Winter 2016)

Edited by Christine Primus and Lindsey Anton-Wood and featuring articles by Sean Macpherson, Emma Kansiz, Tyler Norman, Clara Salter, Lindsey Anton-Wood, Scott Fletcher, and Christine Primus.

Design by Ashley Luk.

Volume 14 (2013)

 Editor-In- Chief: Marnai Cimolai

Editorial Collective:Katy Ogloff, Sara Obidi, Halena Jauca, Pierre Luc Blain

Layout Design & Illustration: Diana Hart D’Emilio, Marnai Cimolai

Volume 13 (2012)

Editors-in-Chief: Tracey Greer and Julia Pauselius
Editorial Collective: Marnai Cimolai (Canadian Studies/Political Science), Brenna Fynes (Canadian Studies), Tracey Greer (Canadian Studies), and Julia Pauselius (North American Studies/ Anthropology – UBC/ Free University
Layout Design: Dave Mason (Canadian Studies)

Volume 12 (Winter 2010)

Edited by Leanna Orr and featuring articles on wine by Maddie Plottel, music funding by Leanna Orr, Aboriginal Women in 1960s Vancouver by Adair Harper, an interview with chef Robert Belcham by Mackenzie Walker, food in residential schools by Leilani Dallin, and a history of the Burns Bog by Sam Chapman as well as original art by Alison Yip, Steve Louie, Keesic Douglas, and Ann Lin.

Volume 11 (Winter 2009)

Vol. 11 Seed 2009: edited by Jeremy Mathers and Jenna Gill with articles by Heather Roy On Pauline Johnson, Alex Etchell on Deskaheh, Jeremy Mathers on Nuclear Propaganda, Teresa Cheng on the Vancouver Downtown Eastside, Carmella Gray-Cosgrove on Canadian Landscape in the Atomic Age, Lauren McIllfaterick on Hydroelectric Development in Northern Quebec, and Candice Meagher on stamps and Colonial Canada.

Volume 10 (Winter 2008)

Edited by Amanda Lo and Allison Takasaki, with articles on literature, art history, women’s studies, history, and politics as well as a beautiful range of photographs and short fiction.

Volume 9 (Winter 2007)

Edited by Briony Taylor and Madeleine de Trenqualye.

Volume 8 (Winter 2005)

Edited by Talyn Martin and Julia Pope, assisted by Enid Havelaar, Megan Vogt, Peter Romisch and Mike Shelton. In the issue there are five articles, a poem and numerous photographic illustrations in both black and white and colour. Among the articles are “Boxes, Cars and Unions” by Alex Coombes, and “World’s Fair as Anthology of Images” by Trent Leipert. Free copies are available from the office of the program chair.

Number 7 (Winter 2004)

Edited by Tara Westover, assisted by Sara Young and Tristan Winch, and with images provided by Tanya Dubick. There are six articles in the issue that range from “Aging Effects: An Exploration of Older Women in Canada,” by Kyla Vieweger, to “Continuity and Change: Anti-Punjabi Racism in Canada,” by Gurbir Bhullar. Free copies are available from the office of the program chair.

2010 SEED launch:

Leanna Orr, editor of SEED 2010, and Laura Moss.